Sound Off

Sound Off: I have a depression/sinkhole where a contractor who built a house next door tapped into the sewer line. Whom do I call to get that repaired?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, provided this information: According to the city’s Building Safety Division, the property owner would need to contact the contractor who was responsible for the construction. If the project is still active, or less than a year old, the contractor may consider correcting the issue. However, past one year, this is most likely a civil issue between neighboring property owners.


mikekt 2 years ago

I would suggest that you ask the city or some expert if this is just construction backfill that is settling causing this sink hole or if a possible break in that sewer line is carrying the dirt away from around this sewer pipe & into the main sewer, itself. How does that work? The water flows out of a break in a sewer line ( as it functions ) & dissolves dirt. The pooled water/dirt mix then can flows back into the broken sewer line as the sewage flow cuts off and create an under wash of the surface, that will sink or cave in. I have seen under washes of city streets in KC, that were large enough to fully bury a dump truck in, that were invisible, until a square yard of the city street caved in exposing the under wash hole below, what appeared to be a drivable solid surface, that were caused by broken sewers lines that were coming from buildings, going under the city street to connect to a main sewer. I have had friends that had a new home/sewer line in o.p., that was broken during const. backfill, that they eventually had to dig up years later and fix at their own expense. OWWW! Not cheap!! The neighbor could have a settled back fill needing some cheap dirt? The neighbor could also have something else?


thebcman 2 years ago

I, too, would be depressed if my hole was sinking.


Steve Swaggerty 2 years ago

Are these questions REAL or MEMOREX?


g_rock 2 years ago

I suggest medicating your depression. You don't have to live like that. That is what GoD made prozac for.


paul85 2 years ago

If its just a sinkhole, cant you put some fill dirt on top and tap it down? Should cost around $100.00, give or take.


littlexav 2 years ago

It's "who," not "whom." If the reader "who" sent the letter used it incorrectly, you should have corrected it for him before publishing.


nmdude 2 years ago

I had a sewer main that was installed at the back of my lot supposedly under city inspection. The contractor left a mess and the city acted like it wasn't thier problem. What the heck do we have these city inspectors for???


bwebcorp 2 years ago

Since the city services have stopped taking any responsibility for utility lines running through home owners property, where do I send the bill for use of my sewer line?


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