Sound Off

Sound Off: One of the trees on my street, which the city planted a number of years ago, appears to be dying. Whom do I call at the city about having that tree taken care of?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, provided this answer: It depends. If the tree is on the right of way (the area between the curb and the sidewalk), the city owns the tree and would make the replacement if growing conditions are suitable. If the tree is in a newer subdivision, then the tree was most likely planted via a contract and paid for by the developer with the building permit. These trees carry a carry a one-year warranty. For tree replacements after one year, it is the homeowner’s responsibility. Homeowners can choose to plant their own tree or call the city to purchase another tree. The current cost is $245. Contact the Parks and Recreation Division at 832-7970 for more information.


consumer1 2 years ago

What about cutting it down?


weiser 2 years ago

I just want free stuff.


LJ Whirled 2 years ago

otto, are you implying that there should be limits to the activities of Government? Don't you know this is the Lawrence newspaper? Repeat after me: All Government is good; More Government is better; People cannot do for themselves. ...


otto 2 years ago

The city is in the business of selling and planting trees? They can't even maintain the fancy new brick center islands on west 6th street. They are heaving in areas and grass is growing through all the cracks. Now in the tree selling business. If I was a local garden center I would have more to say about this.


rattler 2 years ago

"Sound Off" should be renamed "City Office Numbers"


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