Sound Off

The afternoon kindergarten students at Langston Hughes School are not allowed snacks of any kind because two students have allergies. Is this classroom, administrative or board policy? Why can’t those students’ parents provide a snack their child can eat instead of no child having any snacks?

Langston Hughes offers a half-day kindergarten program. Morning and afternoon kindergarten sessions begin after the children eat breakfast or lunch and last about three hours and 10 minutes or, on Wednesdays, less than two-and-a-half hours. “Our school staff feels that a separate snack time is not needed and that the limited class time is better spent on our learning goals,” said Jackie Mickel, principal at Langston Hughes. “Student allergies were not a factor in this decision. When kindergarten families provide treats for children’s birthdays, precautions are taken and alternative snacks are provided for children with food allergies. “Parents may contact their child’s teacher or the school office if they have any questions about the kindergarten schedule.”


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