Sound Off

When can we expect to get lane markings back on Douglas County Road 442, also known as Stull Road? It was repaved six months ago. We still don’t have permanent lane markings.

A 1.5-mile stretch of the road received a thin, fresh coat of pavement — a “microsurface” less than an inch thick — back on July 28, 29 and 30, east from the road’s intersection with U.S. Highway 24. And new painted lane markings are on the way, when the county’s hired contractor makes his regular trip through the area to freshen up old markings and add new ones. The last time the contractor went through the area was just before Stull Road received its new, smooth driving surface. “He will be in here within a couple weeks, at the most, to paint again,” said Terese Gorman, engineering division manager for the county’s Department of Public Works. “It’ll be almost any day now. Within a couple weeks, we’ll have it done.”


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