Sound Off

Apparently there are clubs at the high schools that have paid sponsors and are funded or unpaid sponsors and are unfunded. What puts a club in one category or the other? For years at LHS, the French and Spanish club sponsors have received a small stipend, but the German club sponsor has not. With the ninth-graders starting high school next fall, will there be additional money for club sponsors?

Matt Brungardt, principal at Lawrence High School, said that there would be no additional money available next year for club sponsors. The school receives a limited number of “club sponsorships,” each worth $500, and clubs that already have received sponsorships continue to receive them. As new clubs form, they do so without sponsors receiving stipends. “Despite limited funding available for club sponsorship positions, Lawrence High does not limit the number of student clubs,” Brungardt said. “Students who want to form a club need only to find an adult sponsor and submit a constitution for the approval of the school administration and student council. We have a number of sponsors who are actively working with student clubs without stipends.”


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