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How many points have the Morris twins scored during their careers at KU and has there ever been a set of twins that scored more?

Marcus (1,338 points) and Markieff (905) have combined to score 2,243 points for Kansas. There are at least four sets of twins who have combined to score more points in NCAA Division I basketball games: 1. Chavis and Travis Holmes (VMI, Class of 2009), 3,668 points; 2. Damon and Ramon Williams (VMI, 1990), 3,252 points; 3. Horace (Clemson, 1987) and Harvey Grant (Oklahoma, 1988), 3,231 points; 4. Dick and Tom Van Arsdale (Indiana, 1965), 2,492 points. The twins will play anywhere from one to four more games this season and could play as many as 40 games next season, should they decide to return to school instead of leaving early for the NBA. If they play another 44 games, they would have to combine to average 32.4 points per game to break the record.


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