Sound Off

Are bicycles allowed on Kansas Highway 10 between the eastern edge of Lawrence and Interstate 435? I saw two high-school-aged cyclists and was concerned for their safety.

Cycling is permitted on state highways, even those with speed limits you would find on an interstate — where cyclists can’t go. So the teens were not breaking the law, though transportation officials share the reader’s concern. “They can (ride there), but it’s not encouraged,” said Kim Qualls, KDOT’s public affairs manager for northeast Kansas.


blue73harley 2 years, 10 months ago

I don't thinik this answer is correct. There are signs posted as you leave Lawrence that bikes, mopeds, pedestrians, etc. are NOT permitted on K10. This changes on the JoCo side. I thiink the difference is that K10 in Dg Co has gravel shoulders. They are paved in JoCo. Please do some more research!


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