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I saw the LMH board was going to Florida for some sort of retreat. How much does this cost? And who goes to this? Is it an annual thing?

Seven members of the LMH Board of Trustees, two physicians from medical staff leadership, the chief executive officer, chief operating officer and hospital counsel attended an annual conference Jan. 23-26 conducted by The Governance Institute in Florida, according to Janice Early, director of community relations. The Governance Institute is a national member organization that provides research, publications, conferences and advisory services to not-for-profit hospitals. This year’s conference offered sessions focusing on health care philanthropy, so three directors from the LMH Endowment Association board and the chief development officer also attended. The annual conference is part of the hospital’s budgeted educational expenses. Conference registration for the group was $17,400, and attendees’ individual expenses, including hotel, meals and airfare, are reimbursed. It is estimated those expenses will total approximately $28,000, Early said.


loverofidiots 7 years, 4 months ago

So $4,000 per person for a three day retreat in Florida. Pretty big price-tag per person. Why isn't there a conference closer to good ole Kansas. I would assume the only conferences on this topic are in Florida and Hawaii.

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