Sound Off

Next year, when the Big 12 shrinks from 12 teams to 10 teams, how will KU’s conference schedule in football and basketball change?

It will get tougher in both sports. Here’s why: In the past, Kansas played five football games a season against schools from the North and three against South schools. Now they will play nine conference games. Six will be against schools from the South and three against schools now in the North. Typically, the South schools are stronger. In the current format in Big 12 basketball, men’s and women’s, Kansas plays the five other North teams twice and every school from the South once for a total of 16 games. Starting next year, there will be 18 conference games, with KU playing each of the other nine Big 12 schools twice. Another way of looking at it: Two games apiece against Colorado and Nebraska will be replaced by one game against Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.


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