Sound Off

Can I shoot my guns wildly in the air at midnight (to celebrate the new year) if I use blanks?

In short, the answer is no in the city of Lawrence and yes in rural areas of Douglas County — although firing “wildly” is discouraged — if you’re on your own property or you have the property owner’s permission. Capt. Paul Fellers, a Lawrence police spokesman, said a city ordinance prohibits shooting any firearm in the city limits. “The discharging of a firearm, even one loaded with blanks, will create a genuine concern by anyone in the area, which would result in a call for police service,” he said. “Law enforcement takes gun-related calls very seriously, so consider some other, safer option for celebrating at midnight.” Sgt. Steve Lewis, a sheriff’s spokesman, said in rural areas of the county it’s legal to fire blanks or live rounds on one’s own property or with permission of the property owner as long as it’s done safely. “One should never discharge a firearm ‘wildly’ whether firing blanks or live rounds,” Lewis said.


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