Sound Off

There are some exceedingly yellow traffic circle things at 17th Street, and everything west of Louisiana street. They all have expensive signage that says there’s a traffic circle ahead, 15 mph. However, there are four-way stops at each and every one of these exact intersections. Why the double signage and double direction for individuals who would already be stopping? Why is there a speed limit and obstacle to go around at a four-way stop?

The intersections of 17th and 18th streets at Indiana and Illinois streets have been approved for permanent traffic calming circles by the Lawrence City Commission, said David Woosley, the city’s traffic engineer. Leaders with the University Place Neighborhood Association have asked that temporary circles be installed and remain in place, in addition to the stop signs, until funding can be secured and permanent construction takes place, Woosley said. Construction has been approved by the commission, Woosley said, but funding has not been assigned for the project to date.


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