Sound Off

What does Douglas County or the fairgrounds or the fair board get for the use of the swap meet? Do they get the parking fees or what the vendors pay for stall rent? Just curious what they’re making off of the meet.

The Lawrence Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America paid Douglas County $3,840 for renting the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds for its 47th annual Lawrence Swap Meet. The organization rented the entire 55-acre fairgrounds, southeast of 19th and Harper streets, for four days, April 29 through May 2. “It’s listed as a major event, and they have to put up major-event insurance, deposits” and the like, said Bill Bell, the county’s director of buildings and grounds. “They also have to return it to us in the condition that they found it, and they always do that.” The rental fee paid by the club goes into the county’s general fund, which helps finance a variety of basic county services — including maintenance and improvements at the fairgrounds.


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