Sound Off

Why does the biking/walking path on Clinton Parkway have to be replaced again? It seems like they did that a couple of years ago. Also, the drainage areas along the road are being replaced again. I’m confused as to why these areas have to be replaced again every couple of years. It seems like we have other areas in need of repair with all of the potholes and such.

“The existing asphalt pathway was constructed in 1970 and is severely cracked and damaged,” said Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager. “Over the past several years, the Parks and Recreation Department was actively replacing sections of the pathway as budgets allowed.” The latest project — financed by $800,000 in federal stimulus funds, plus $68,000 from Parks and Recreation — is not removing previously replaced areas of the path, Gilliland said. Instead, the stimulus money is financing work on areas that need replacement. The only drainage project occurring in the area is replacement of inlet tops and lids along the path, she said. The lids have deteriorated and need to be replaced, so that they will be smooth with the path’s surface. The tops and lids are being replaced as part of the overall project, Gilliland said, and are being financed with stimulus money.


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