Sound Off

What can we do to start a recall election for our school board members?

Keith Campbell, Douglas County deputy clerk, said when a group files a petition, the district attorney must issue an opinion as to the sufficiency of the grounds for a recall of an elected official and the format for the petition. Under Kansas law, grounds for a recall are the conviction of a felony; misconduct in office, which means “a violation of law by the officer that impacts the officer’s ability to perform the official duties of the office”; and failure to perform duties prescribed by law. A petition must specify one or more of the grounds as justification for the recall effort. Campbell said to get the petition circulated, a recall committee of three registered voters must register with the county clerk, plus a list of circulators for the petition. In order for a petition to be sufficient, it must include signatures of enough registered voters in the election district equal to 40 percent of the total votes cast for all candidates in the last election at which the target of the recall was elected to office.


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