Sound Off

What was the reason for the delay on Saturday at the Bottleneck for an early 6 p.m. show? People were standing outside in nearly freezing temperatures for 50 minutes.

From Jacki Becker, whose Eleven Productions booked the show: “With the bad weather that hit the evening before, the band arrived later than expected. This artist, Never Shout Never, is someone that many young fans are very excited about. With them arriving late to the venue, they were late to their meet-and-greet in Kansas City. This led to them getting to The Bottleneck even later than expected for their scheduled sound check and fan appreciation sound check party. It was a bit of a domino effect which caused doors to open later than expected —which happens fairly regularly in the concert business as bands need time to sound check to be able to have a successful show for their fans. We got doors open as fast as we could, got the crowd all into the venue in under 20 minutes and the show began at its scheduled time.”


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