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Can you more fully explain how the mayor of Lawrence is elected?

City commissioners can select any one of their members to serve a one-year term as mayor by a simple majority vote. But over the years, a traditional process has emerged. Here’s how it worked this time. In the April 2009 elections when Lawrence voters chose three city commissioners, Mike Amyx was the top vote winner and Aron Cromwell was the second place winner. When city commissioners gathered in April 2009 to select a mayor from their ranks, Rob Chestnut was selected because he was the current vice mayor. Amyx then was elected vice mayor because he was the top vote-winner in the most recent election. In April 2010 when commissioners gathered to select a mayor, Amyx was selected by virtue of being the vice mayor. Since City Commission elections are held only once every two years, commissioners then again looked at the results from the 2009 election. Cromwell was the second place finisher, and thus was selected to be vice mayor. If tradition holds, he’ll be selected mayor in April 2011, and the top vote winner from the 2011 City Commission elections will be selected vice mayor.


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