Sound Off

Is there a place in Lawrence where I can dispose of old paint cans and aerosol cans other than tossing them in the trash?

The city of Lawrence/Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste Program accepts paint and aerosol cans from Douglas County residents throughout the year, according to Kathy Richardson, Waste Reduction & Recycling Operations supervisor for the city of Lawrence. She said to call the city’s recycling division at 832-3030 to schedule a drop-off appointment for unwanted paint, pesticides, aerosol cans, cleaners, batteries and other household hazardous products. There is no fee to households. “These products may pose a threat to sanitation workers or public health and the environment when improperly handled or disposed,” she said. “Household hazardous waste discarded with other trash may contaminate the air or groundwater, react or explode in waste compactors, or injure personnel handling these wastes. Improper disposal to sanitary or storm water sewers may damage septic systems, sewage treatment plants, drinking water supplies, corrode plumbing, or cause treatment plant sludge to be hazardous.”


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