Sound Off

Have the age guidelines for those considered most susceptible to the H1N1 virus changed? Recently, I’ve seen 65 and older at the top of the list. Previously, they were was at the bottom of the list.

No, the priority groups for H1N1 have not changed, according to Lisa Horn, spokeswoman for the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department. Current studies indicate the risk for H1N1 infection among persons 65 and older is less than the risk for younger age groups. Therefore, after vaccine supply and demand among younger age groups are met, programs and providers will offer vaccination to people over age 65. “For seasonal flu vaccination, however, people 65 and older are still high priority. Rates of infection are highest among children, but the risks for complications, hospitalizations and deaths from seasonal influenza are higher among persons over age 65, young children, and persons of any age who have medical conditions that place them at increased risk for complications from influenza,” Horn said.


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