Sound Off

A few years ago, there was a case against former Quail Run teacher Wayne Kruse, who was involved in a fraud case. What’s the status of the case? There was a large sum of money that was owed to the fund he mishandled and was supposed to be repaid.

Wayne Kruse, a former sixth-grade teacher at Quail Run School, was sentenced to probation in October 2005 and ordered to repay the $95,384 he embezzled from the Lawrence Education Association. Kruse, former president of the Lawrence teachers union, still owes $66,359 in restitution, according to Douglas County court records. His probation has been extended multiple times since his sentence. Court records indicate Kruse has been making regular restitution payments since March 2006. Starting in March 2009, records show $200 is being taken out of his Pizza Hut paycheck every two weeks.


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