Sound Off

Does the Douglas County Health Department disinfect the offices over the lunch hour or after business hours? It would help the flu epidemic tremendously. They’re doing it in our schools.

“We have a plan in place for disinfecting office workspace, clinic rooms, bathroom surfaces and wall-mounted toys at least twice daily and as needed during the work day,” said Barbara Schnitker, director of clinical services at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and a registered nurse. She said guidelines have also been issued to staff members about staying home if they show symptoms of influenza-like illness until fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication. Schnitker said hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are available at workstations, and adult and pediatric masks are available for clients who are coughing and sneezing. “We do not provide illness care, but nonetheless, realize that people do seek preventive services while sometimes coughing and sneezing,” she said.


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