Sound Off

Is there a city ordinance that requires owners or real estate agents responsible for unoccupied homes to remove fallen leaves from the front yard? If so, through what city office can a complaint be filed?

The city of Lawrence does not have an ordinance requiring property owners to rake their leaves. The city encourages property owners to dispose of leaves for aesthetic reasons. The city does have an ordinance prohibiting the raking, blowing or disposal of grass clippings, leaves or other yard waste into street and curb areas. The city picks up yard trimmings, which includes grass, leaves and small woody debris, from households on Mondays from March through mid-December, except on holidays. Yard waste is accepted in carts, cans or compostable yard waste paper bags. Yard trimmings must be set out at the curb by 6 a.m. For more information on the city’s yard waste collection, contact 832-3030.


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