Sound Off

Has the city ever considered buying a leaf vacuum truck instead of having people waste money buying paper lawn bags, which are wasted?

Chuck Soules, public works director, said the city has no plans to purchase a leaf vacuum machine. By encouraging residents to use the city’s yard waste pickup program, leaves can be raked and disposed of more quickly than if the city operated a leaf pickup program that could be affected by weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow. The city does not require residents to use bags. Yard waste is accepted in carts, cans or compostable yard waste paper bags. The city picks up yard trimmings — grass, leaves and small woody debris — from households on Mondays from March through mid-December (weather permitting), except on holidays. Yard trimmings must be set out at the curb by 6 a.m. For more information on the city’s yard waste collection, call 832-3030.


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