Sound Off

When did the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office start charging $2 per transaction extra for using their satellite offices? They never charged before. Where is the money going?

Craig Weinaug, county administrator, said the Treasurer’s Office began charging $2 for transactions made at any of the satellite stations in March. The fee is authorized by a state law that permits counties to charge up to $5 for transactions at any satellite location if county commissioners authorize the charge. The $2 fee was calculated to cover a portion of the costs of operating the satellite stations, he said. Because of last year’s budget situation, county commissioners faced the choice of eliminating one or more of the satellite locations or charging a fee to cover the additional costs of operating these offices. Weinaug said they ultimately concluded that convenience of the satellite offices to the public would merit the charge. However, he said residents can avoid the charge by mailing in their payments, using the county’s online services or by taking their payments to the main office at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass.


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