Sound Off

Why did Lawrence Parks and Recreation switch to starting batters with a one-ball, one-strike count, and why don’t hitters get a courtesy foul as is common in most leagues where hitters start with a one-ball, one-strike count?

Basically, the LPRD rules that govern adult leagues are primarily rules that have been set forth and sanctioned by the American Softball Association, one of the national governing bodies that oversee softball rules, said Bob Stanclift, adult sports program supervisor. In 2009, the use of the 1-1 count with no courtesy foul balls was adopted as a new rule by ASA, and therefore it is being used in all of the LPRD-sponsored adult softball leagues. In contrast, other leagues in other cities may be following the rules sanctioned by USSSA, which is another national softball governing body. Its rules also use the 1-1 count but allow one courtesy foul ball to the batter with two strikes. The adult leagues sponsored by LPRD have always followed those rules governed by ASA, and the umpires are certified with ASA.


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