Sound Off

How successful was the Watkins Museum in raising additional funds this past year through the tax-credit program?

The Douglas County Historical Society, which runs the Watkins Community Museum of History, distributed all $10,000 in tax credits made available to qualifying donors through the state’s Partnership Historic Sites program, said Mike Wildgen, the museum’s interim director. Donors who contributed $1,000 to $5,000 received tax credits equal to 50 percent of their donations. The credit would allow someone who donated $1,000 to the museum to pay $500 less on their personal income taxes. The $20,000 in donations allowed the society to finance elevator repairs, new emergency lights, new carpeting in the community room, lighting upgrades in the research room, and fresh paint in selected areas. Kansas State Historical Society recently made another $10,000 in credits available to the museum during the coming year, to aid with the museum’s fundraising efforts. The money will be used to maintain and upgrade the museum building, 1047 Mass. For more information, contact the museum at 841-4109.


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