Sound Off

I have a GPS. When I'm out of town and I enter my home address, it takes me to the wrong side of the street. I also notice when I look at MapQuest, my house is on the wrong end of the block. How can I get this changed in the system? I'm afraid in case of an emergency the fire or police departments would show up at the wrong house.

“Calls received through the emergency dispatch center are not tied in any way to GPS or Internet mapping services such as Google or MapQuest,” said Megan Gilliland, Lawrence city spokeswoman. When responding to a 911 call, emergency responders “use the house numbers on the residence, mailbox or curbing” to confirm the location, she said. They also use several mapping systems to identify the correct location of the home while traveling to the call. A MapQuest spokesperson said the company's “been working for some time to correctly position address locations on the correct side of the street.” Earlier this month, the company said it issued a data update for 70 million addresses in the United States and would keep updating addresses next year.


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