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What are the consent forms used for at the H1N1 vaccine clinics? Do I need to print a form out before I go to the clinic? I don’t have a computer.

To expedite the process, the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department recommends that everyone download and fill out a consent form before attending a clinic. If that is not possible, forms are available for clients to fill out at clinics. The vaccine consent form used at health department H1N1 vaccine clinics provides demographics as to who is being vaccinated, according to Lisa Horn, spokeswoman. It allows the department to receive a brief health history to know whether a person can receive this vaccine and assists in deciding which type of vaccine — injection or nasal mist — the client is eligible for. It also signifies the patient is aware of the medication he or she is receiving and all questions have been answered before receiving the vaccine. The form also gives the health department permission to enter the information into the Kansas Countermeasure Response & Administration system, which is connected to the state immunization registry.


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