Sound Off

What’s a typical day’s schedule like for an inmate in Douglas County Jail? Is it different for female and male inmates? Do inmates get to see outside through a window?

An inmate’s schedule is determined by their assigned security level, said Sgt. Steve Lewis, spokesman for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, which operates the county’s correctional facility. “All inmates are given ‘free time’ in the day room area out of the cell,” he said. “Inmates may watch television, use the open air recreational area, make phone calls, or visit with other inmates.” Inmates are also allowed visitation time with family or friends, have access to 25 programs and religious activities, and are fed three meals a day, Lewis said. He said the schedule for female inmates can vary, depending on the number of female inmates in each classification level (minimum, medium, maximum, etc.), because they’re all housed in one unit. Only some of the housing units at the jail have clear glass windows, Lewis said, but the recreation areas are open to the sky.


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