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Why is the TV picture behind the radio broadcast of KU games?

Bob Newton, producer/engineer for the Jayhawk Radio Network, said: “With the ever-longer television delays caused by digital signal processing and multiple satellite hops, it is increasingly difficult to try to synchronize our radio broadcast of the KU games with the television picture. We appreciate that fans like to turn down the TV sound and listen to the Jayhawk Radio Network broadcast, but it is impossible to sync up with all viewers. The amount of TV delay depends on whether you are watching over-the-air TV, analog or digital cable, or HD. And satellite dish subscribers are delayed several more seconds. Unlike most college sports networks, we actually do try to delay our radio broadcast to match up with the basic cable TV feed as best we can, but that still isn’t right for everyone. In addition, sometimes our Kansas City affiliate tends to run their own 7-second delay, which for their listeners then puts our radio broadcast behind the TV picture. For football games, we do not delay our radio broadcast for home games because so many fans listen to the radio in Memorial Stadium. We do, however, attempt to sync up with TV for televised away games.”


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