Sound Off

The recently re-opened Douglas County Road 438 — known as the Farmers’ Turnpike — is an improvement. Why is there a right-turn lane into a field on private property? There aren't any other turn lanes on the entire road, not even the township roads.

Keith Browning, the county engineer and public works director, said the right-turn lane was required as part of a recent approval for a planned corporate retreat, known as The Woods, northeast of the intersection of North 1800 and East 700 roads. The site is expected to generate infrequent, but significant traffic volumes, and the traffic study found that a right-turn lane was warranted there, he said. During the right-of-way acquisition negotiation process for the improvements, the county decided to install the turn lane now as well. “It made economic sense to construct the right-turn lane as part of the Route 438 improvement project because the cost was much less than the cost to construct it at some later date,” Browning said.


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