Sound Off

I noticed Congressman Dennis Moore isn’t seeking another term. He’s had several fundraising parties for the campaign he thought he was going to have for this term. What will happen to the money that had been donated for the election he will not be involved in?

Christian Hilland, a spokesman for the Federal Election Commission, said congressional candidates are required to return contributions dedicated to a general election. However, if donations were marked for a primary, the campaign has several choices. Campaign leaders can either refund the donations or choose to make a donation to another candidate’s campaign. The campaign could also make a contribution to a qualified nonprofit organization or even convert its campaign account into a political action committee, dedicated to raise money for certain candidates. According to the FEC, nearly all of the donations to Moore’s campaign are marked for the 2010 primary election. Jay Swearingen, a Moore campaign staffer, said Moore would likely make a decision in coming weeks on what to do with the funds.


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