Sound Off

I understand there’s construction going on for a couple bridges at Clinton Lake? What “construction,” exactly?

Construction was scheduled to begin today on two bridges along County Road 458, at the southwestern edge of the lake. The bridges cross the Wakarusa River and Rock Creek arms of the lake. Keith Browning, the county’s director of public works, said that crews from Wildcat Construction, of Topeka, would adjust abutments on the bridges, to enable removal of both expansion joints on the Rock Creek bridge and removal of one such joint and replacement of another on the river bridge. Crews also will mill off the top layers of each bridge, then patch deteriorating concrete before putting down a new driving surface, Browning said. Traffic will be limited to one lane during construction, expected to last through the end of November. Temporary traffic signals will control traffic crossing the bridges, and total delays could last up to four minutes, Browning said.


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