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Given that you must be enrolled at KU in order to live on campus, how is it the Morris twins were living in the Jayhawk Towers prior to being able to attend class?

Jim Marchiony, an associate athletic director, said earlier this month that the Morris twins - Marcus and Markieff - had lived at Jayhawker Towers while enrolled in the NCAA summer bridge program, during which prospects come on campus and take six credit hours prior to their first semester of enrollment at KU. "The program was completed at the end of the July summer school session," Marchiony said. "Students living at the Towers during the summer school session who are anticipating fall enrollment are allowed to remain there in August, even though they are not attending any classes (no classes are held in early August). When the twins had not been certified prior to the first day of classes, they vacated the Towers." Kansas Athletics Inc. received word Sept. 4 that the NCAA Clearinghouse had deemed the twins academically eligible to play basketball at Kansas University. They have since moved back into the Towers, Marchiony said.


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