Sound Off

Since the subject of where the candidates live and vote has been brought up, why does Tom Holland list Baldwin City as an address, but vote at a precinct inside the Lawrence city limits?

State Rep. Tom Holland, a Democrat, is challenging state Sen. Roger Pine, a Republican, in the Nov. 4 election. Pine recently confirmed that he lives in Leavenworth County - not Lawrence - although he has used his Lawrence business address for years as his home city. Pine recently had to change his voter registration after it was made known that he had been voting in the wrong precinct. Here is Holland's answer to the Soundoff question: "I comply with the law because I vote in the precinct where the county clerk requires me to vote. Unlike my opponent's voting history, I vote in the precinct where I live. I am listed on the ballot as being from Baldwin City because I will not deceive the voters into thinking I live somewhere else."


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