Sound Off

Regarding the City of Lawrence recycling drop off at Sixth Street and Monterey Way, I noticed a company called Home Recycling emptying their bins into the city’s bins, which are free to the public, and filling them up. This means the people who don’t pay for a recycling service don’t have a place to recycle. I didn’t know if the city or the paying customers of this company were aware of this?

Michelle Gundy, the city’s Waste Reduction and Recycling field supervisor, said the 11 recycling locations for newspaper, corrugated cardboard and mixed-paper are free and opened to the public. Materials must be clean, broken-down material and placed in the appropriate container. The city maintains a regular route in emptying the bins based on how much they are used. If you notice a bin that needs to be serviced, you can call the city at 832-3030.


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