Sound Off

During the Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade, why didn’t the city install portable toilets, or have stores open for customers to shop or use the restrooms?

The city of Lawrence didn’t organize the parade and portable toilets would have to be rented from a private company by the organizers, a city spokeswoman said. The city would need to approve the use of right-of-way if the portable toilets were to be placed on public property. As on any other day, there are a number of public and private establishments (library, community building) that are open and have restroom facilities in the downtown area. Jana Dobbs, who headed the parade organization, said organizers had never received this kind of request before because there are places open downtown where restrooms can be used. They will be considered next year, she said. Two portable toilets are set up east of the parade route for parade participants to use during the lining-up process, she said.


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