Sound Off

Bird-watching is a hobby of mine, but I haven't seen many birds lately. Is there a reason for this?

The warm fall has given birds more opportunities to forage for food, such as seeds and insects, which might be the reason for a lack of birds, said Matt Gearhart, a veteran bird-watcher from Shawnee. He said colder weather could bring more birds, such as waterfowl and bald eagles, to the area. "Sometimes you need bad weather for good birding," Gearhart said. Nice days, he said, are ideal for birds to seek food, but with cooler weather on the way, bird-watchers can expect more birds perched on feeders. Gearhart said this winter will be what is called a "disruptive" winter, with the food supply in the northern part of North America less abundant than usual. This will cause birds from the coniferous forests of Canada and the Rocky Mountains to migrate to the Plains states. He said pine siskins, red-breasted nuthatches and red crossbills already have been seen in the area.


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