Sound Off

I saw a photo of the 1909 KU football team and wondered: Why is there a pig in the photo?

According to a 2002 story written for the KU Edition (published annually by the Journal-World): You'll find a mention of the pig in Larry L. Campbell's 1966 master's thesis titled "A History of Football at the University of Kansas 1889-1920." Campbell's research quoted a story that appeared on the front page of the Sept. 28, 1909, edition of The Kansan. "According to The Kansan, assistant coach Arthur St. Leger Mosse, who owned a farm near Leavenworth, presented a thoroughbred Ohio Chesterfield Swine to the 1909 team for its mascot," Campbell wrote. "The team named its mascot Don Carlos. Each of the men who reported for the team were assessed 10 cents for the purchase of 'shorts, oatmeal and other delicacies' for the mascot. It was arranged for Don Carlos to appear for all the games on McCook Field during the 1909 season."


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