Sound Off

The front entrance of the former Masonic Temple in downtown Lawrence has been boarded up for quite a while now. The plywood isn't very attractive. Isn't that against some sort of city code?

Brian Jimenez, code enforcement manager for the city, said it does not violate any specific city code. He said in discussing the situation with the property owners, they told him they had boarded the entryway because it had become an area for homeless people to gather. There were problems with people urinating and defecating in the entryway, Jimenez said. Jimenez also said the boarding was currently acceptable to the city's historic resources planner. He said historic resources professionals generally support boarding vacant historic buildings as a way to protect them from harm. But Jimenez said the city would like the boards to eventually come down for aesthetic purposes. He said the property owners - a group led by Lawrence businessman Doug Compton - have told him that renovation likely would begin this summer.


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