Sound Off

What amount of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office budget is spent for medical and dental care for prisoners in the Douglas County jail? And then, how much money does Douglas County contribute toward the Douglas County Senior Center for medical and dental care for retired senior citizens that are in need?

According to Lt. Kari Wempe, Douglas County Sheriff's Offices spokeswoman: The Douglas County Sheriff's Office budgeted 5.5 percent of its 2007 budget or $500,000 for medical care, medical contracts, dental care and pharmaceuticals for inmates. Janet Ikenberry, community services manager of Douglas County Senior Services Inc., said Douglas County supports Douglas County Senior Services in areas of senior meals, transportation, community services, the adult day program and Leisure & Learning. The agency does not provide any medical or dental care, but, when appropriate, clients are referred to agencies who provide those services, such as Health Care Access, the Heartland Medical Clinic and the Douglas County Dental Clinic.


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