Sound Off

I got a promotion in the mail from AT&T saying I could get my phone service for $8 a month. Is that possible?

"No, that is not possible in Kansas," said Rosemary Foreman, spokeswoman for the Kansas Corporation Commission, which regulates phone companies. The commission has received several inquiries about the AT&T ad, Foreman said. KCC has never approved such a rate. The commission is "concerned" about the ad, Foreman said, because the mailing only hints at the possible inability of Kansans to get AT&T service at $8 a month (the flat, monthly rate for residential customers approved by the KCC for AT&T is $15.70, which does not includes taxes and fees). A disclaimer - "Access line rate based on service area" - on the back page of the ad doesn't spell out what's actually offered, Foreman said. "A customer shouldn't have to go through those hoops," she said. Don Brown, an AT&T spokesman, said AT&T has discontinued the marketing initiative "and any future mailings in Kansas will include pricing information that is applicable for the address where the letter is delivered." The KCC's Consumer Protection Office number is (800) 662-0027.


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