Sound Off

I recently was told by the towing company that if it is a police call to have your car towed and it is an accident, it costs $150 to tow your car as opposed to $40 if you call yourself. I'd like to know the difference between the police call and a personal call.

According to Lawrence Police spokeswoman Kim Murphree, the policy for officers responding to an accident is to ask whether the person who owns the vehicle has a preferred towing company. If there is no preference, a dispatcher calls a towing company that appears in a rotating list of companies, which are responsible for the amount of fees charged. "If a vehicle is towed due to violation of a city ordinance or state statute at the direction of a Lawrence police officer, the towing company is chosen per City of Lawrence contract, and an $80.00 reimbursement must be remitted to the Lawrence Police Department ..." Murphree wrote.


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