Sound Off

I have a question about some kids that come around our neighborhood from time to time. They have a solicitor's license. The name of their organization is Young Teens of America. I'm just curious about the Young Teens of America and how legit this fundraising thing is.

The group is based in Kansas City, Kan., and is run by 40-year-old Alphonso Hunter. In the summertime, he has up to 20 teenagers working for him. He drives them to Lawrence and other cities, drops them off, and picks them up at a prearranged point. The kids get $3 out of every sale. "It's a part-time job for teenagers who can't get regular jobs," he said. "A lot of teenagers would be in trouble if they weren't doing the job. They would be stealing or something. It's a good thing to keep them busy." Hunter said he makes some money off the program. "I'm in no way getting rich," he said.


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