Sound Off

Who made the decision to turn the people of Douglas County into PolyHeme lab rats forcing those who do not wish to participate in the study to wear opt-out bracelets? Who is responsible if a fatality occurs because of this study and how long will this study last?

Douglas County's participation in the Polyheme synthetic blood trial was considered and agreed upon by the emergency medicine department at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, said Jim Murray, a division chief for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical. It was approved by Scott Robinson, an emergency room doctor at LMH and medical director for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical, and was signed off on by Mark Bradford, chief of Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical, Murray said. In the event that all protocols are followed, the financial responsibility for any problems or legal action pertaining to the trial belongs with Northfield Laboratories, Inc., the Evanston, Ill.-based maker of Polyheme, said Dennis McCulloch, director of public and government relations at KU Medical Center. Murray said he anticipates the trial will last four to 12 months.


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