Sound Off

I heard that Baby Jay was roughed up over the weekend? Is that true?

The Baby Jay mascot, which often makes appearances at weddings and other functions, had a situation at a local wedding over the weekend that was a bit uncomfortable at times, but not bad enough for the mascot to leave, KU Associate Athletic Director Jim Marchiony said. Marchiony said the mascot was dropped inadvertently and also felt uncomfortable when someone bent her body in a way that was "physically uncomfortable" for a photo. Marchiony did not have further details, but said the incident was not enough to change the way the KU mascots - played by students - go about their business. If the situation were more frequent, KU might have to reconsider whether the mascots should appear at events where alcohol is served or consider sending a bodyguard, he said. "It hasn't risen to that level yet," he said. "It didn't even arise to her even leaving the place."


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