Sound Off

I would like to know what happens when high school students show up at their school dances drunk or high.

At Free State High, if a student is caught under the influence or possessing drugs or alcohol, the student is held at the dance or activity until a parent picks them up, assistant principal Mike Hill said. There is an automatic three-day suspension. This can be reduced to one day if the student agrees to see a counselor. There are a minimum of two police officers at dances, Hill said. They help staff determine whether a student is under the influence, but no legal action is taken, he said. Hill said the school does not turn away students found under the influence.

At Lawrence High, parents also are notified, principal Steve Nilhas said. A school resource officer attends dances. Students are not arrested unless they are seen driving under the influence, he said. The school follows suspension procedures outlined in the school handbook.


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