Sound Off

In reading the ad in the paper about junior high after-school programs, I noticed that Central, South and West junior highs are participating. Is Southwest Junior High not participating in this and, if so, why did they choose not to participate?

Central, South and West junior high schools are participating in the after-school programs funded by a Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant. Those programs run from after-school until 5:30 p.m. Southwest Junior High chose not to have the same program, but the school offers a myriad of after-school activities for participants and spectators, Principal Trish Bransky said. There are clubs, study programs, sports and other activities, she said. The school surveyed students and a majority said the school has adequate after-school activities, she said. For questions about Southwest Junior High's after-school activities, call Bransky at the school, 832-5550.


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