Sound Off

I've heard Sunflower Cablevision weather people refer to dew point. What is that and how does it differ from humidity?

According to 6News meteorologist Jennifer Schack:

"The humidity we report on TV is 'relative humidity'..and you ask yourself, what is it relative to? The answer is the dew point. The measurement of humidity relative to the dew point is a better indicator of the level of 'muggines' in the air than the measure of straight humidity. An example: In the summer, we can have an afternoon relative humidity of 80 percent and that will feel oppressive. But we can also have a relative humidity in the winter of 80 percent and nobody thinks otherwise. The dew point is described as a temperature, and it is the temperature at which dew will form. If the dew point and the air temperature match, then you have 100 percent relative humidity."


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