Sound Off

Many years ago we bought a house near Dad Perry Park and it was explained to us that on the bequeathing of that property for a park it was not to be used for organized sports. In recent years, we have seen an increase of football practices, games, soccer, and I don't know what else. Now on Tiffany Drive, on the south side of the park, cars are parked on both sides of the street, leaving about a 12-foot path for vehicles to get through. I was curious if that was indeed meant for organized sports or if it was meant for just general public recreation.

Dad Perry Park was purchased by the City in 1967, said Fred DeVictor, the city's director of parks and recreation. Phased development began after a master plan was created in the mid-1980s. Part of the plan and development for this 45-acre community park included large playing fields along Monterey Way and Harvard Road. These fields are used for practices by groups, but these nonprofit organizations do not hold their league play there. Parks and Recreation has reserved the park and fields for events such as its kickball leagues, sand volleyball and ultimate Frisbee tournaments and there are no restrictions on the type of use in this public park, DeVictor said.


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