Sound Off

Why are people allowed to live in trailers at and on the property of Clinton Lake Park? Do they rent? Do they lease? Are they caretakers? Can anyone just go out there, flop a trailer down and live there?

"We have an extended-stay program that lets people stay in one place for up to 14 days," said Sherri Withers, an administrative assistant at Clinton Lake Park. "So what happens is every 14 days, they move from one campground to another."

These campers, Withers said, pay an annual vehicle fee of $45.50, an annual camping fee of $151 and a utility fee every two weeks of $105.

Also, some campers are park volunteers. They are not required to move. Withers said the park has between 30 and 40 year-round campers. "Most of them are construction workers from out of state," she said.


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